Thank you, Dianne, about your thoughts on exhibition pieces. I get the feeling I have a bit looser definition of what the pieces should be, but they should be new-ish, and not just taking a chance to sell off stuff in the back of the closet. It's about the integrity of the artist, and when you're asked by a gallery, collective, or shop to show, i.e. they put their trust in you and your reputation, it affects their integrity, too.

And with weaving given so little exhibition opportunities around here, (especially in comparision to felting, dyeing or textile art,) unless it is a retrospective or themed exhibition, I see no excuse.



  1. I totally agree about the integrity of the artist and the trust a gallery puts in one.
    Have you noticed how little exposure weaving gets in fibre art magazines or the scarcity of weaving tutors at festivals or forums. I feel we as weavers are on the back foot all the time and struggling to get acknowledged.

  2. Yes, yes, and yes, Dianne, and all the more reason we have to show well what we've got, and that we still have got it, especially outside the weaving circle.

    A group of us were wondering Friday night how many tertiary courses included weaving in their components in New Zealand, or how many weaving courses there were in Oz/NZ. And all in the group, except me, were ex Polytech visual art tutors.


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