Saturday Daydreaming: Not Quite Dreamy Just Yet

Here's a stream-of-consciousness kind of a post, which usually stays as a draft until I get collect more words, but for some reason, on this particular Saturday morning, I feel inclined to post just as is.

Long, dark tunnel - not depression - creatively purgatory - "wasting" 24 months?

Wednesday night talk - youth rebelling against establishment bringing changes in art movements - total satisfaction in getting out something unrelated to what the speaker said

Conrad and Deby - being asked what's new in my life and having to type, "Nothing, really, nothing".

Sensing some of the past efforts coming together - directions for short- and mid-terms

Weaving my swirly designs - Carol Hannah sticking to what she does best

Helping Ali wind a warp - the reality/drudgery of weavers' work

Friday night opening - change in attitude - not liking but being curious about some art - art to me is "pretty" and "finished" - when conceptual textile art works

Appreciate my art friends

Feeling dreadful about the gap between "high" textile (??) RT Cally and still thinking of my swirly designs, being true to oneself, and Carol Hannah

Imagining, not planning, what I could weave before the end of this year

Sometimes it feels putting things into words ruins the thought, like verbalizing is intellectualizing and over-analyzing, and even categorizing, and I loose the original picture.

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