Dylon, Again

I beared Kaz 3; Kaz 4 has been a practice in fine-tuning my stitching technique in creating shapes. Because the heart was so side, I split the shape into two and stitched two ... 'blisters', for want of a better term. Top left, the outline of the heart is distorted; this is where I stitched last and couldn't see the line nor the wrinkles. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with the shape.

This was dyed in the brown solution I kept from Tuesday night, but diluted with hot water to raise the temperature. If the Kaz 3 looks like chocolate icing, Kaz 4 looks positively the color of diluted cocoa.

As for my poor poor shirt, it's been through the same weak hot chocolate bath, this time immersed without stitching or knotting, and it looks tired and dirty. But at least I can live with this duller blue. After it dries, I'll see if I want to wear it as is, or dedye it.

Dinner tonight is my second ever attempt at lasagna; because I revere the dish so much, I usually leave the cooking to restaurants and friends.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Napier for the design symposium. I think I'm over my cold; at least enough to be in denial. I did something to my back this afternoon while packing. I tell you, sometimes life just tries to get in your way left, right and center, but I'm going to enjoy the symposium if it kills me. But I'm also packing a pillow, and some pain killers.

I'm off-line until Sunday night. Please make sure you have a lovely weekend.


Dorothy said...

Meg, your dyed shirts are beautiful!


I'm loving the shirt experiments. BTW the trick to good lasanga is to assemble it and refridgerate overnite, cook the next day and it should be firm but gooey and delish! I also make crockpot lasanga, which is quite good. Can you guess why I can't loose any damn weight? lol..

Meg said...

Thank you, Dorothy.

Deep End, that is great hint. I'll remember it next time. My lasagna tasted OK, a bit bland, because I put in so much veg, but it looked great. I shall rest it overnight next time. In fact, I made a mini one for Ben for when I'm away and that's been in the fridge - that one should work great, then!

♥ Hannah said...

Beautiful! I have to try that on my t-shirts also.

Have a nice trip!

Meg said...

Thanks, Hannah. I did, and you should!