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Gray, wet, cold afternoon. The fire has been on for three hours, but I can hardly feel it. It's only when I move around that I know where my pants end and socks start; there is definitely the comfort-free zone below the knee. I was to make my warp this afternoon, but didn't feel like it in this dark, or under artificial light. Besides, it's a design challenge; what's the use of rushing to get things done. Heaven forbid if I make something ugly!

It's a design challenge. I can do things I've never tried, I've never thought of trying, things that may or may not work. The big 16-shafter is a nice loom, but I don't want to weave a fine-tuned contrived design. So, Lefty, thanks for the table loom. I'm thinking of doing that thing some people do: design on the loom! Keep the sample warp on Klik in case I want to test out something. Use the last remaining loom: the 8-shaft table loom.

Let's go "unplanned", swapping warps, not just colors but shafts. Swap weft colors, both the pattern and the tabby. But I still want to have fun, so let's eliminate potential grief; What can I get rid of? Oh, I know, I will stick with either the alternating or Bird's Eye form of Summer & Winter from start to finish. The latter would probably suit better, whereas the former is easier to memorize on a table loom.

It's a design challenge. I don't want to just recreate the colors of my favorite photo on cloth; that's not a challenge. Let's bring in, let me see... Some bubbles or lights into the mix.

The loom has eight shafts; I'm weaving Summer & Winter; that leaves six blocks. How about using three or four shafts for the main colors, and two or three shafts for the bubbles. That's like... two levels of pattern and background.

Something like this...

This is so much fun, now I really want to choose the colors!


  1. Oh yes, fun fun fun - keep playing.

  2. It has been fun; the only problem has been, Dianne, the Right Brain loves to take as much time, or more, than I have.


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