What's It All For?

So, I've carded, spun, and knitted, a little bit. I enjoyed each process, but they need to connect, because in the end, I need, (errr, "would like" ?), to be able to make yarns that yield a beautiful final product, yes?

I know a little bit about how yarns behave in weaving. I know I don't want regular stripes in the weft, (because I will only ever use my handspun in the weft,) but I would love sprinkles or blotches/splodges of colors.

I like complementary colors in carding and spinning, but I can't decide if I feel that way in a knitted piece; I suspect it's all about proportion and placement.

And in the weft, I would definitely like a more even twist, though I am still game for very-thick-and-very-thin.

As for the tea cosy, after a few false starts, I started knitting it. And, ooops, it grew bigger and bigger and now it's huge. I can get a new teapot to go with the cosy, or I can move on to Plan B.

And I just remembered I don't remember how to close the top end of this loop - you know, after I've got the height I want. Mom is not going to be able to explain this to me over the whole, so I guess I'll be visiting YouTube again.


Cate Rose said...

I love the way that yarn is knitting up. Totally different than weaving it, isn't it -- tons more depth and dimension.

Meg said...

And you can start knitting right away, instead of preparing the loom! The interesting thing is, I can't see very well when I drop a stitch because of the thick/thin variation. I don't mind, Connie, not for this project.

Dianne said...

Love that yarn.
One of my favourite places for knitting instruction is www.lionbrand.com search "binding off". When my daughter was living in Tokyo thats where I sent her and she managed to make several scarves.
I'm sure there are many other spots.

Meg said...

Binding off. OK, thank you, Dianne. By the way, which daughter, and when?