Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Good News, Bad News

The bad news is, I've been sick all day.

The good news is, that explains why my limbs were shaking uncontrollably yesterday.

The bad news is, I had to postpone meeting with Ali this morning, withdraw from a 3-week design session with Ronnie Martin starting tomorrow; I might even have to skip an art film tomorrow night. But I am going to Napier for the design symposium on Friday.

The bad news is, I had hoped to read some fiction today, but I couldn't be bothered with reading words, and I kept dozing off.

The good news is, in between dozing off, I gazed at the pictures on the Woven Shibori book, and because I experimented with shibori a little, the pictures make sense.

The bad news is, I discovered Procion dyes are no good on wool. I think Dianne told me this, but in my enthusiasm to downsize and simplify, I got rid of all dyes except Procion, and every one of them worked on wool.

The good news is, there is the Internet, and tomorrow, (or the day after at this rate) is another day.


  1. Oh, Meg, I hope you get better soon! Woven Shibori IS a wonderful book, that's where I got inspired to start!

  2. Thank you, both. I'm amazed how finely Ellis puts in her stitches - to me it somehow seems to defeat the purpose, but if I want to apply multiple colors, I guess it's not a bad call. I finally understood, after a whole day, that what she calls twill or summer and winter has nothing to do with the structure of the cloth, but how she puts in the stitches. That was a revelation! I'd like my ground cloths to have interesting weave structures, too.

  3. I am just trying an experiement using procion on wool and so far it is working. I am using the instruction sheet from the ProChem website.

  4. Evelyn, I am going to follow your progress with GREAT interest. If it works, that will save me a lot of worry and some $ to boot.

  5. You certainly can use procion on wool but it takes different agents to make it work from the cellulose fibres - I'm too lazy to go downstairs to check what they are at the moment.

  6. That is exactly what I thought until I read the Woven Shibori book. And why I decided to just keep Procion. Good to know, Dianne.


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