Stuff from last week. Not very interesting, but because I love pictures on your blogs, I like to reciprocate.

Carded, spun and washed. They still look overly-twisted, but for now, I'm not interested in learning/improving, I'm just interesting in turning this into a crazy tea cozy.

My Shirts 4: I liked Kaz 4 so much I tried to recreate it for myself. I hadn't realized I pinched a part of the shirt until I was taking the stitches out. Ben's calling that dot "Tasmania". This turned out to be a very bad quality shirt, so it'll never have the proper T-shirt shape, but I'm happy to wear this to bed.

Shirt 5 was one of my favorite shirts, with a Cecily cartoon on, but as usual, I had a few stains in the front and wanted to hide it. I didn't want to obliterate Cecily, so I bunched a few areas with rubber bands to create the very 60's tied-dyed look. Instant shibori.

My poor, poor Shirt 2 was dedyed with dedying agent, and then left in the same dye path the above two shirts. Now the curvy wedges are blue, showing less contrast with the rest, while the brown "engine grease" is still very evident. It's had five dye baths so far, but I think it's going to go into one last one, probably red.


  1. Meg, I love your yarn!
    Don't you ever want to keep handspun skeins on a shelf on display like works of art? I do!

  2. What a wonderful yarn! I hope you enjoy working with it!

    The dyed t-shirts are nice, I am thinking of making one myself....don´t know what kind of dye I should use though to succeed...

  3. I probably have about 60-80% of the yarn I need to make this tea cosy, but I just wanted to get started and have started knitting it. Because I have a lot of orange and purple, it does tend to look a bit brownish, so I'll have to use some pinks and mint greens to use towards the top of the tea cosy, but we'll see. There are areas where I like the way the yarn is spun, and then there are areas where it's like a metal spring! But it's such a no-worries knitting it's so much fun.

    Kaz 5 dye project was a failure - the contrast was so faint I couldn't tell from where I removed the stitching if it weren't for the bumps.

    Hannah, for idiot-(moi)-proof dye enjoyment/amusement, I can recommend supermarket brands like Dylon or Rit might do. I don't know who much you've dyed, but I'm a novice, so these brands, though possibly more expensive, doesn't require you to have extra chemicals or agents. Dylon, for e.g., only requires salt. So it might be a good place to start??

  4. Doni, ummm.... I might, if I had the space. I'd have to weave up all the commercial yarns so I can see the handspun - which would not be a bad idea, actually!

  5. I love Tasmania! I must say it looks a bit like Sri Lanka to me, but I guess I'm northern-hemisphere-biased.

    That yarn is a tea cosy already. How could you possibly make it more so?

  6. I said Stewart Island first, but it's to the right, so I thought the Chathams; both are smaller NZ islands.

    Tassie is, of course, just over there to out west, you know, even though we've never been there. Apparently a lot of Kiwis live there because the climate is similar.

    All this is my attempt at diverting the topic from what is turning out to be a kind of a horrendous tea cosy...


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