Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Niggling, But in a Good Way

All my life I've loved curvy, swirly notifs, particularly those inspired by oak leaves and grapes. Rococo, Art Nouveau, some of William Morris' wallpapers. And what we call the "Chinese Vines", a group of motifs inspired by vines in Persia, sometimes modified in Central Asia or China on the way, arriving at our end of the Silk Road. I collect them, I feel at peace looking at them, I will go to great lengths to see them in exhibitions. I've tried to weave diluted versions of them, and will probably always be on a look out for a small Jacquard loom to I can weave more elaborate motifs. I will never not like them.

Arts and Crafts, on the other hand, always fascinated me in their philosophy and writing. I've studied the photos and drawings in several books. Mackintosh in particular. Even Bauhaus, Wiener Werkstatte, and Larsson. which in my mind are somewhat connected. Leading to Art Deco. But other than some of Morris' floral wallpapers, the geographical-leading-to-industrial motifs never did much for me, particularly when the item was outside of their context.

But my attention has been drawn to Mackintosh-like motifs in the last year or so. I "find" these in my environment and on websites without looking for them. This is one of the scraps from Jill's waste basket. I wonder if I'm about to change directions.

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