What I Wrote to Dorothy

"Yesterday was a little crazy.

"I made three small warps, I carded and spun one skein, I vacuumed the whole house and moved perhaps 1/6 cord of firewood into the garage and swept the driveway, and made a beef stew full of veggies. And I played in my sketchbook; actually I colored in several pages I had doodled previously. And played some computer games.

"This morning, I don’t feel rushed, but I might card and spin some more, or I might weave. I’m glad yesterday was a little crazy – I must have been shedding my post-conference quizziness. While I liked being able to do one thing after another, I knew it wouldn’t last and I’d have crashed and burned hard if it kept on going. I was ready for it, but wasn’t exactly looking forward to the lows. Instead, today I’m relaxed and feeling peaceful."

So, morning cup of tea and oatmeal, checking the skeins I left in the steamy bathroom last night, and then, carding, I think.

I find carding terribly difficult, and I can't do it straight - either the carder is too big/long for my arms, or I have pitiful upper arm strength. And I think I put too much on the card. And I can't get everything off the first card. Anyway, she was my teacher yesterday:

My fluff sure doesn't come off like that!

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