I Think It's a Go

I have been thinking about my Pics to Picks project in an abstract way for a while; the development of this idea was unfamiliar and I felt rather lazy about not tackling it proactively, but nevertheless I let it progress at its own speed. This week I decided on a technique I will execute the said vague idea, and felt the left- and right-hemispheres ready to cooperate but emotionally remaining aloof from each other. I'll let you know as the steps reveal themselves to me, but looking at the calendar, Lefty is going to coax Rightie a little today.

These are some of the color combinations and placements I liked from ooodles I cut out from one of the photos I received from Lynne; the selection was not purely an artistic one in that I concentrated on combinations I can do with the cones I already have.


  1. oh if this represents your color scheme, you and I are on the same wave length. no pun intended as your photos are of color wave lengths you might say.

  2. I think it'll largely be something like this. But I realized I don't have this nice mid-orange in the width I wanted, but I think these are the colors. But I might flip the proportion as I have a few pale blue-greens. I'm still battling it out.


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