Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strung Highly Enough?

The color on my screen looks a little duller and browner than in real life. I have six colors in the mix, some parts purply, some parts limy, but mostly yellow and orangy, and the overall look is more vibrant. I've never spun a lot, but every time I do, I'm mesmerized by how colors mix into one strand of yarn that I don't pay attention to things beginner spinners are supposed to be looking at. This looked so nice on the bobbin and the niddy noddy, but whoa!

We'll see how the "settling" goes, if I can knit or crochet with it at all, but I think this would make a nice necklace.


  1. Lovely colors! Have you washed that yet? I often find that finishing a skein helps settle the yarny heebies-jeebies.

  2. Yummmmy.
    Scribble knitting!

  3. Lynn, for now I'm must hanging it from hangers, and weighting them - they are too crinkly I'm afraid to wash right away, and today has been a humid day.

    Dianne, that's a nice way to say it... Doodle crocheting, too.

  4. There's all the richness of autumn in your colour choices, what a fun yarn!

  5. Dorothy, after 2 days and 3 Ashford bobbins of carding and spinning, my sinus are shot, so I now need to give it a rest. Maybe I'll gingerly wash these... I'm scared, but I can't use these until I do, can I?


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