To Bear or Not To Bear

Another Dylon play session yesterday.

The words said "dark brown", but I believed the picture of a pine cone on the packet and thought I'd get a yellower, paler brown. Never mind, I love the rich, chocolatey color, and my gray-olive shirt turned out nicely. Except I intended the design to look like fluttering leaves, and instead, I have a March of the Amebae. (I'm trying not to think of cockroaches.)

The problematic second shirt, I really should have left it where it was looking lovely in pale Wedgewood blue. No, Ben didn't clean his engine or drive over it.

For this, and my third Kaz shirt, I used the ball method. I bunched up (is that the phrase?) each shirt into a tight sphere and put on rubber bands in different directions to hold the shape. The tiny Kaz shirt, I wound several rotations of polyester threads on top of the rubber bands and made a tiny tight ball of cotton.

My shirt, I intended to soak in the second batch, but I got a little inpatient and stuck it in with the rest. What a big mistake. I was envisioning this pale yellow-brown mist over the annoyingly vivid blue enough to take away the brash appearance. I've saved the solution, and am wondering what I can do. Of course there is the option of dedying because I found a tin of color remover, too.

On the other hand, I love the Kaz shirt that looks like a child had great fun with a bowl of chocolate cake icing. The decision is whether to put the bear or not. It's quite a clunky button for a wee child, and the button holes are drilled too low, so the bear is going to bow down, I'm quite sure. I might put bright color strings around his neck to secure it.

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