Emotional Color Wheel

This sounds so "The Artist's Way", but I still love it. Has anyone seen the latest New York Times Magazine illustration/commentary by Andrew Kuo, a graduate of RISD? I found it from here. Unfortunately, the text in the enlarged version is still too tiny for me to read, but it sounds wonderful.


  1. Hello Meg,

    The larger version can be found here and it is readable:



  2. Oh, yes, thank you, Kirsten. I did search the NY Times site, but didn't come across this one. Thanks very much.

  3. Well, I must admit, I was a tad disappointed that much of it was consumerism gibberish, though very honest and realistic. I guess I was expecting more... "serious" issues. Oh well...

  4. Hi Meg, just trying to catch up - hardly seem to get to my computer lately, so unlike me... Read about 30 of your posts, find your weaving adventures nice reading. xx

  5. Oh, Carol, not betting to your computer is a wonderful thing! I hope you've been making your lovely books.


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