Having understood the basics of Summer & Winter structure and what Ali would like me to do next, I've been daunted by shapes.

Usually the way I make my draft is by deciding on the threading, (twill of some sort, basic and often symmetrical), make a few different tie ups, and then I draw curvy or jagged lines down the treadle plan. I observe the drawdown, but my shapes are created by the line in the treadle plan, almost as accidents. Whichever hand holding the mouse is often on autodrive and I am not giving it much thought.

What got me is when Ali said a while ago, "Now go and make nice curvy shapes," or something to that effect. I tried to make similarly light-hearted curvy shapes on PCW, on paper, or in my mind, but my hands don't move that way. And I've been a bit stuck.

For the last week, I've been filling in squares in grids, and trying to locate places of interest but that's not working yet, and I only see lines.

No, I take it back, I did come up with one usable base. But he's not exactly curvy to me...

Last night I couldn't go to sleep, and I noticed how lines curved to accentuate shapes on my down blanket, and I started taking pictures. We've done something like this in our drawing class, drawing lines to express curves. I love the curvy lines, I think I can draw them, but thus far they are not making any shapes I can see.

Next stop, cutting and tearing paper into curvy shapes.

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