Plan B

I'm noticing a drastic change in my .... receptiveness?? This is something I started to work on in 2002 when I first encountered "The Artist's Way", though I'm not doing AW right now nor any of the squeals.

Friends comment on something I do or say, (not even constructive criticisms, but just observations or a good laugh,) and I hear suggestions of alternative ways of looking at or making something. And before I know it, I'm doing it.

Most of my life, I've been resistant to criticisms. I took them personally and became good at defense or rebuttal. I had to train myself to ask questions, initially to disguise my hurt and hostility, so the other party had to come up with suggestions, and I'd write them down and think about them for years and analyze them to death, and then sometimes I'd try them, but often put them at the back of the back burner.

I like my new attitude. It's less complicated and less time-consuming.

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