Jo Wants to Know...

Do you know the best methods or materials to use in transferring photographic images on to canvas partially covered with paint?

I'm not sure what she wants to do, but my first thought was the iron-on printer sheets (??) but she said it goes on paint as well. Naturally we thought of screen printing, but she was reluctant to go that route and I suspect she wants to do just one or a few.

Jo's going to look at some multimedia and surface design books in the library, but if you have tips for her, can you let me know? And no, I don't know what kind of paint, but most probably oil or acrylic.

Thank you again.


Ben Nakagawa said...

Do it in other way around like photo printed on canvas ( Any photo print shop does this) and the paint over. or so t-shirts transfer thing but mask the canvas that you do not want to the photo to be transferred.

Meg said...

Not sure if that would work, if it it's a creative process thing, but technically, that is not a bad idea I admit.