Plan A, the one that was too wide, Side A.

Side B. I shall wear this as a collar/cowl, or stitch up the top and wear it as a cap.
Plan B, Because Cally said "it's already a tea cosy." Ben had fun photographing this Sunday night while I was away at a girls-only pot-luck supper.

I am glad I have been able to experience what the Japanese call "soft head", the ability to think flexibly. So not me; I'm a poster girl for a "rock head". Neither is this tea cosy, which is now at Page and Blackmore Booksellers in town. One winner will receive Loani Prior's fun book, "Really Wild Tea Cosies".

With this out of the way, I feel I can get back to weaving in some depth for a while. I also want to knit a finer, more practical cowl. And make dye some more cute baby things.


Anonymous said...

So that's what the menfolk get up to when the girls are out on the town... I would never have guessed it!

Meg said...

Yes, at least mine does. Unless he's playing games on the computer, reading blogs, or editing photos.