Napier Pics

I'm only halfway through my Japan pics, (I came home on Valentine's Day!) and haven't even looked at my Wellington pics, (March??) but here goes Napier; such a picturesque place.

Group design challenge; I didn't participate, but I went to have a look. Clare Plug told me this used to be their weavers' group space, but they've moved elsewhere. Now it's a furniture makers' space.

Design student tool kit. I nearly asked him to remove the wallet, but he was engrossed in his group task.

Chair upholster somewhere. I do love old-looking cloths.

Ujazi, one of my two most favorite cafes in New Zealand outside Nelson. Their food can be a tad salty, but superb service, and nourishing food.

Clare's husband Arie left this on the dashboard on the passenger side. It must be a message!

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