Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Napier Pics

I'm only halfway through my Japan pics, (I came home on Valentine's Day!) and haven't even looked at my Wellington pics, (March??) but here goes Napier; such a picturesque place.

Group design challenge; I didn't participate, but I went to have a look. Clare Plug told me this used to be their weavers' group space, but they've moved elsewhere. Now it's a furniture makers' space.

Design student tool kit. I nearly asked him to remove the wallet, but he was engrossed in his group task.

Chair upholster somewhere. I do love old-looking cloths.

Ujazi, one of my two most favorite cafes in New Zealand outside Nelson. Their food can be a tad salty, but superb service, and nourishing food.

Clare's husband Arie left this on the dashboard on the passenger side. It must be a message!

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