Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Two nice builders, Shane and Ryan, have been working in the sweltering heat, first knocking off the concrete chimney, now demolishing the fire place from the kitchen. Everything is solid concrete, not concrete blocks, so I was warned tomorrow will be another excruciatingly noisy day. Yikes. I like these guys; they are polite, considerate, and efficient. But I can't wait for the demolition to be over. I can't stand the noise and my whole being feels gritty and dusty.

Meanwhile, the Textile Awards show opens on Saturday. I got an invite; there was apparently a piece in the newspaper. And I'm being asked if I've put something in the show. And I can't believe how anxious I feel to be asked this. I thought I was over it. Wuss.


  1. I think that means you care about your job...and that people have such faith in you, it's natural to think that you'd have something in.

  2. Yeah, I was committed to submitting. I said I would and this is the first time ever that I said I would put something in and ended up not doing so. I thought I was over it, though. Hum...


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