The Old and the Not So Old

Papier-mâché masks.

Sumo Wrestler mascots.

Asakusa at night.

The oldest amusement park in Japan, Hanayashiki, almost directly behind Asakusa Sensoji Temple.

The overwhelming impression I got was that Japanese cities in the 1960's and 1970's resembled the Edo period, 1600-1900, much more closely than how these cities, and life within them, look now.

Yeah, available anywhere for free. This was on the platform of a nearby train station.
In fact, the computer is a more cumbersome communication tool. Most youths and many not-so-young rely entirely on their cell phones to obtain most information, including the news, product/service information including bus and train schedule, and even entertainment.
New Zealand telcos, take note!!


Dana and Daisy said...

Hello Meg and welcome back home. I am just checking in on my friends, and will come back later for the full story. (still in Houston!)

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Thanks, Dana. Enjoy Houston.