Beware of Your Surrounds

When photographing your work, that is. It's a wet and cool day today, lots of activity in the kitchen, and I'm working on the website, adding contents.

I've been looking at photos from pieces I wove in 2005, when I was a complete novice in photographing textiles as well as weaving, and am disappointed at some.

Take this one, for example. It has merino warp and merino/mohair weft and I took about 200 pics to try to convey the sheen created by the mohair. I actually wove two pieces with the same weft and same draft but different picks to see which worked best. This is one of the photos where you can sort of see the sheen, (well, much better than most other pics), but what's on the floor? On the left is a bunch of rubbish, advertisement that came out of the previous night's newspaper, and on the right is Mama's bright yellow-and-green rug, (very cushy)!!

I've usually been careful of these things, but I must have been concentrating so hard on the sheen I didn't see them. Live and learn. After much groaning and severe cropping and blending.


  1. hehehehe! I've been going thru my old pics and see the same things. We have grown and learned to do better.

    Very pretty sheen, when I'm not trying to see beyond the door.

  2. "We have grown and learned to do better." No, not I, unfortunately... Or at least I'm worse - I know what I should do, but am sometimes too lazy...

    Beyond the door in the darkness looms the rest of my mansion. Or, four steps to the stash room, which is somewhere you can't get in at the moment...


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