Tight Spot

Can you kind of see the end of the warp? I could weave only 126cm, or roughly... a yard plus less than a foot?? So I want to go on until the last possible shed, even though this one will be too short as my regular Red Gallery scarf anyway. Two inches back, I took the weft off the end-feed shuttle and put it on a stick shuttle. Now even that's getting a tad tricky, so I'll use giant needle Mom gave me a while back - she uses it for frame weaving, but I use it in emergencies. Hold your breath. I'd love to get eight more picks of the twill before the 16 picks of plain to finish...

Builders are coming. Just a bit late because they are attending to someone else's emergency. It's all good.


  1. Oh, I like the giant needle idea. We've all run into these tight spots, I bet, where we'd just love to get every extra inch we can.

  2. Oh, don't we just? I mean, thrum, or a bit more scarf. Sometimes it gets a bit too tricky and after I wet finish, I see that I should have quit while I was ahead.

    We'll see how it goes, Michele.

  3. I prefer using a needle to weave on a frame instead of tying butterflies, depending on the fiber. I hope this works out for you! I bet it will. You are a fabulous weaver!

  4. I have been a lazy weaver, as usual, Dana. I'm distracted by all the construction going on. But I hope to get to it before the end of the day.


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