Day... Ummm... Today

I'm so over this now. I can't wait. In the kitchen we're waiting for the pantry doors, and then the edges will be finished. In the living room, however, the ex-wood burner wall (back of the fridge now) has to be gibbed, not to mention the whole installation-of-the-new-wood-burner thing. I think I'm looking at a minimum of five more days. Then after that, we need to sand down the floor, and wash the walls and paint (but probably one coat because we like this color Coconut Cream), and then organize the kitchen, and then.... and then.... But nothing tomorrow.

Construction finished early today - before lunch. So I vacuumed and wiped the surfaces again. Then had lunch. And though I was all ready to either keep weaving the shadow weave scarf or to hem four scarves I've finished this side of July 2008, I was too tired I had a nap. And read. I must tell you about this book, "Native Wit", in some detail soon.

Then I got ready to go to a lecture, and while waiting for the bus at the bus stop, Claudia Lacher drove by and gave me a lift into town. I hadn't seen her since... Tim Wraight's birthday, so that's late November. They are going to Switzerland for Tim to take on a big private commission next month. Hooray. Short, sharp catch up and a promise for drinkies in eight days.

I went to the Suter for a lecture on the origins of the Maori, the indigenous New Zealanders, from the DNA perspective, by Dr Adele Whyte. It seems a whole lot of East Polynesians are related to a few of the native Taiwanese tribes. Fascinating stuff. On Tuesday there is going to be a lecture by a forensic specialist.

Then Ben had the bright idea to get Indian takeaway. And it was wonderful, except the 30+ minutes wait. Then I came home to find I finally got the quirky cashmere scarf from Mom in the mail; I still can't believe I wove this one, but the gray weft tones down the warp colors quite a bit. In retrospect, I should have been more adventurous. Pics this weekend, I promise.

I've been seconded to trying out Twitter. Again. I don't get that, kind of... But I like being connected to friends. I'm not sure what I'm doing there. I said in my one line bio that I'm a technophile/Luddite cross.

Good day, all in all. Figure drawing tomorrow. Theater Saturday night. And in between these, I must catch the textile awards show. Seriously. Gee, why can't I write short, sharp posts?


Geodyne said...

It's coming along!

Meg said...

Well, yes and now. We're going to ask the shelves to be redone. Disappointing and distressing.