Saturday, February 7, 2009

Builder-Ready Hot Weaver

More than half the contents of the living room has been moved into my stash room.

And half the kitchen has moved into the living room.

Beware of unexpected obstacles.

Tomorrow, we clean the outside so the builders can discard the wood burner and concrete chimney easily. We're getting some of the Australian heat this weekend. Ergo the Hot Weaver. What else did you expect?


  1. How productive you're being! And how ironic it must seem to be installing a new fireplace at the hottest time of year.

    And how much I envy you for having said fireplace...!

  2. Ironic, yes. We have to very nice builders today, one a specialist in bathrooms and kitchen, having to demolish a concrete chimney and fire. And under the roof was 49C today - not sure what it was over the dark green roof in the scorching sun! At least they are inside now. Phew.


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