Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Over One Hump

I worked at the Red from 10am to 4pm today, and before and after that, I re-read and edited four "how to" posts in the Marlborough Weavers blog. I wanted to make them as simple as I can, but the more I edited, the longer the posts got!! I've edited them so much my eyes now glide over the page. I've found some shocking semi-sentences and what-happened-here paragraphs.

I feel good because I'm over one hump, and now I wait for questions, requests and contests. Which will be pouring in. Perhaps. Trickle in. Maybe. But seriously, if I can get half a dozen weavers excited about the blog in three months time so they contribute more or less consistently, (can't define consistently at this point, but...) I think the effort would have been well worth it.

We also have half a dozen "non-line" (that's what Mama calls herself) members, so I need to whip up a printed information pack to make things as inclusive as possible. Other on-line members will help them get the information to me.

I also said I'd do as much image and info gathering as I could when I do make it over to Blenheim for meetings. Except last night. I forgot my camera.

And this one was from the left field: Judy Bool started blogging today! Here. There'll be more, I'm sure, after tomorrow. I secretly don't believe she started weaving in 2006; she's too good, but I'll be nice and not say anything just yet.

Oh, here's the high non-point of the meeting last night, and I didn't realize it until I came home. In my impassioned plea/appeal about the blog to the whole group last night, which took perhaps around half an hour, not once did I mention the URL!! Duh!! I got distracted and forgot. That's been remedied. Seriously!!!


  1. Oh what a nice Blog Mum! Everybody should have one.

  2. Thanks, KD. I'm a bit tired and feel like a Blog Grandma, though.


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