Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shadow Weave, Almost Falling Asleep, and a Crumpled Rubbish Bag

Day 8, and it's starting to look a little more like a kitchen. I vacuum every night, but tonight I vacuumed twice, and washed the floor twice, but it still feels grainy. Yeeeek.

I got the table loom out again; I had enough warp for two scarves, but wove only one in ... wow, September! So today I started to weave an identical shadow weave scarf, but I kept getting distracted by the noise and the vibration. (Yes, the house vibrates slightly depending on what the builders are doing!) Then I tried to read about shadow weave, but I almost fell asleep on the couch, half of me under the blue tarp.

I had no nice flowers in the garden, and I couldn't get to anything nice to photograph for Connie's birthday, but I saw some of the pottery on the bookshelf, and a clean but crumpled rubbish bag I could use as the backdrop. Hummmm. A challenge. I shot one of the tiny Raku vases I always thought looked like a planet, and experimented with lighting a little.

Overall it was an unproductive day; might as work on my website again tomorrow.



  1. poor you, I hope your kitchen is ready soon.

  2. I'm so over this now. I can't wait for life to get back to normal, but it's going to go AT LEAST one more week. Yikes. I'm in denial now.


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