Life is full of the Unexpected

I am amazed how many things can go wrong with a simple knock-out-old-fire-install-new project. I am exhausted. But the kitchen shelves were redone beautifully. I love Ryan, I like my new mates Stan, Ricky and Murry. I have a break from all this tomorrow, but next week the work continues.

I feel frustrated my weaving year just can't seem to have a real start, but I do have an achromatic gradation-in-six-parts cashmere warp on the 4-shaft, and I tried to play around with draft for that fancy warp which is now going to be three or four shawls. One of the pieces may be sent to the Nelson/Marlborough/Buller Area exhibit, but I have permission to preempt and post pics here.

And while managing (??) the guys today, I also managed to put on two more pieces on my website. I never expected that to be such slow work, either.

Life is full of the unexpected.


  1. The shelves look great!!!

    That warp is a scary impressive thing!! I'll definitely be following along on my computer, hoping it goes really well for you! It has the potential to be something fantastic!!

    I'm sure it's tough to stay in a creative space with the disruption to your home and workspace that construction brings, but it will be worth it in the end!


  2. Yeah, they do. I'm glad I had it redone. Before, there were quite a bit of gaps and would have been unsafe for heavy pottery. Not to mention excruciatingly un-pretty.

    That warp, if I come up with an interesting draft, can be interesting, but I'm aiming to make a flowing kind of a draft WOVEN WITH ONE SHUTTLE and yesterday I kept making up drafts that looked nice but something I wouldn't use for this project. What was THAT about???


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