Looking Forward

I don't know any other weaver or artist who regards her/his work with such contempt, particularly right after the work is completed or "hung". I had to tag two of my cotton pieces from the November wall, and felt these don't merit such strong negative emotions. Of course there is plenty of room for improvement. These in particular feel steely because of the skinny weft, and I'm not sure if I'm happy with the pick. Still, they weren't as terrible as I had thought. I need to recover that "joy" thing.

I'm intrigued by my "tampering with warp colors" experiment nevertheless. To the left is the original warp color scheme, the right shows an addition of around 22 ends of one orange and one yellow. I couldn't believe how much warmer the right scarf looks. (The cooler light blue weft on the left piece accentuates the contrast, too, so it's not only the supplementary warps.) I do find the right one more interesting, fancier, but as an garment/accessory, the left appears more versatile. So which one do I want to weave next?

On the other hand, this cashmere was lovely all the way. The colors, mid/dark purple in cashmere/silk and weft in light teal in cashmere, was woven by request. On cones the values weren't so close, but woven up, and with the sheen the silk brings in, it does that "shot" thing. Delicious. Still not sure how to photograph the "shot" thing, though.

Off to put on a white/gray/black cashmere warp now.


  1. Both brought "joy" into my evening. I think they are lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very kind of you, Holly.

  3. I absolutely love the scarf on the right in the top photo...the orange and yellow "make it" for me.
    I see Randall's influence in that.

  4. Hi, Valerie. Yeah, the very start of his influence, 2+ years on. Boy, it takes me a long time to move beyond just thinking about things...

  5. gorgeous!! I love the top one most but they are both beautiful.

  6. Taueret, today I took the two cottons to the Red to fill in the space, and I found the cotton merc. slips and pulls far more easily than I had expected. I need to put a wee note about that, I think.


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