Quick, Take Note!!

I had a big catch up with Kath Bee this morning and early afternoon. I think this was the first big/serious catch up since her Second CD party. And I have to tell you she had a message to all of us.

If you create installations or things-to-look-at, including shawls and scarves that look good on walls, but preferably bigger, artier works, have you ever thought of approaching your nearest/friendliest/most suitable public spaces, (particularly where the wealthy and/or discerning congregate,) to see if they would like to install your work. Even as a loan, you get exposure, which may lead to other things, and/or the space may give you a different or additional shot in your creative arm. These could be hotels, banks, lawyers' offices, schools/universities, municipal facilities, even hospitals/clinics; you know what she's talking about. I know some organizations in New Zealand have someone in charge of maintaining and installing artworks in their building/s; surely this is not unique to here. You may even get lucky and hit a big chain or multi-national; who knows!!

Good luck to us all. My horizons have been broadened this morning. Thanks a bunch, Kath.


Cate Rose said...

Meg, all the local communities here in Humboldt have monthly Arts Alive nights on different Friday or Saturday nights of the month...and most of the local businesses host an artist or two for a month.
In May-June I'll have my work at a brokerage/financial planning outfit, and in October I'll be exhibiting at an Oriental carpet showroom.
Since we have only one museum and one art center, about the only places to show are at galleries and businesses. And with so many artists here, the galleries are booked up years in advance.

Meg said...

Connie, I used to take pride in coming up with weired and wonderful ways to market art, even if I don't take up my own suggestions.

With absolutely no knowledge or good reason, I assumed one needed to be commissioned public art, and the only reason I would think that would be because I've read a few artists' biographies and some discussed commissioned work. It simply never occurred to me to ask if they would like to borrow (and perhaps eventually buy) my work to install. That was a revelation to me.

I had told Kath I would make the planned lantern thing anyway, and then perhaps ask the Suter, the local gallery, to see if it can be included in any suitable exhibition they were already planning, but Kath's idea has broadened my horizons.

In Nelson, a great many of the smaller shops, banks and cafes are supportive and there is a week in September during our Arts Festival when about half the shops on the main streets display art, but usually paintings, or pottery and jewelry at best. Textile is declined, though again that's hearsay and I've never personally inquired about it. And these arrangements are made either thought Arts Council (for the Arts Festival Week), or businesses advertise via. Arts Marketing newsletters.

Meg said...

Oh, and enjoy May-June and October.