There's one thing that's been on my mind and I would love your opinion; it's about on-line textile shops, as in us selling our weaving on a art/craft-oriented site.

A while back I sensed Etsy is the biggest of such platforms so I got an account and have not done anything about it. With the falling (fallen?) Kiwi dollar, however, it seems now is a good time for me to get on board this type of selling/marketing.

Connie Rose reexamined her sales venues in December, however, and revamped her web site, more or less ditched Etsy for her nicer things, and joined another platform. (See a whole series of posts on this subject here.) In particular, this post stopped me from jumping right into it last year. Around the same time, a local person started Jammy, a Kiwi version of Esty as far as I can tell.

I like the idea of taking part in local efforts like these, but it costs to take part, and that being the case, I prefer to be on an US or UK based platform where I can get more hit, particularly if I want to take advantage of the low Kiwi dollar.

Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Etsy in particular, or on-line sales in general. Any thoughts, experiences, and biased opinions appreciated.


  1. I'll be reading these threads tonight. Perfect timing thanks!

  2. Yeah. Let me know what you think, though I don't think you should go anywhere near Etsy with your gems.

  3. Meg, I also have been debating for a long time about joining Etsy. I have real reservations, but I think I'm going to try it. Some people have looked for me there and were disappointed to not find me. I know this may be a bad sign. I guess I have not decided yet. I will let you know if I learn anything interesting.

  4. Thanks, Polly, for your input. I am semi-desperate to have more outlets at the moment. I really wanted to hear from people about this. Hubby said, "Well, then don't pile up so many chatty posts on top of the important one!!" Touché!!


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