On Facebook

What a strange thing. I have an account now. and I sort of understood how people can find people. In a short 15 minutes, I found some high school classmates I hadn't thought about in ages.

It's been surreal. It's like a shell with no content. (Well, some people have contents, but not really.) It's like blogging with just the post titles, no meat. And it records and publishes everything I've done, like I've written on someone's wall, or I've edited my marital status, etc. Whoa. I don't feel comfortable with that degree of exposure. It felt as if I had no choice and I deleted a bunch of things. Here on blogger, I select what I say, but there, it's so "The Truman Show".

I can see how some people could get addicted; some friends have told me so. Yesterday when we had drinkies with Claudia and Tim, they told us about two recent "finding long lost love" stories involving the females moving from Downunder to Mother Country. Good on them.

I am definitely too long-winded for Facebook, or Twitter.

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