Long Weekends!!

New Zealand manufacturing sector is considering four-day-work-weeks to overcome the next wee while, among them the textile industry, to avoid having to let go employees. Weavers, put your feet up today; we are allowed three-day weekends if you're manufacturing.


desiree said...

Not the car-industries? But since we don't have any textile industry left I was thinking the other way around, and spend more hours in vävstugan.

Dana and Daisy said...

It seems counter-intuitive, work less because there is not enough money flowing.

well, enjoy a nice tall cold one while you are at it!

Meg said...

KD, we don't really have a car industry to speak of in New Zealand. But then we don't have much of a textile industry left, either.

Dana, I wasn't listening to the radio seriously, but I think the item concerned manufacturers keeping the employees, you know, not having to sack them or lay them off.

Sonya said...

Yeah, my work is heading towards that. At the moment they're just trying to get people to use up their holidays (so I had Friday off). I managed to get some dyeing done, and definitely think I could survive a four day week (provided the economy doesn't get too much worse)

Meg said...

Yeah. Sonya? The Polytech (Ben's work) so far hasn't done anything, but some of his workmates are looking at their options. Those with partners in full time work have that option, but I feel sad for Ben that he hasn't. In fact, in his case, he can't even take time off so easily.

Anyway, good for you. I've been reading about your dye stories. The subject still boggles my mind. Hope you enjoyed it all.