Friday, February 6, 2009

2009 SSVE, Y'All

I've been thinking about this for a while, so I might as well start spreading the word. This year, we have a much longer lead time so as to cover the end of the northern winter and the very start of the southern autumn.

Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition (why couldn't I think of a better name??) 2009 is now on. Here are the guidelines.

*Please weave a scarf, or two, or three, approximately six to eight inches wide. By "weave", we again include loom-knitting. You are free to embellish them all you like, including felting, but the base piece must be hand-woven/loom-knit. Only scarves woven after January 1, 2009 are eligible, but if these are gifted or sold before our Exhibition opens, that's not a problem.

* Take as many as three photos of each completed scarf; this is an "exhibition" so no on-the-loom shots, please. Write a short blurb about the scarves, about you the weaver, your weaving life, and/or the person for whom the scarves were intended.

* Organize the posting, and as usual, there are two ways.

Big Gallery Track: to be included in the Big Gallery, a. k. a. my Flicker, please supply:
* Your scarves pics, preferably in JPG but other file types are ok as long as I can work with them
* Your blurb, preferably in the body of your email
* A profile pic OR a body-part/s-near-a-weaving-equipment shot if you like. (Scarf-on-the-loom shot is welcome as a profile shot if your body part/s appear/s.)
* Your name, real or virtual; state/region/province/canton/prefecture and country of residence
* Your email address, web site, or blog URL, just so folk can get in touch with you when they are so moved by your work. I'm serious! I'd like this to be an exhibition to show rather than to sell, so I don't want prices, but if someone is keen to buy your scarves, I'd be the last one to stand in their/your way.
Small Gallery Track: if you have your own weaving blog, you have the option to post the photos and the blurb on your own blog. In this case, please postdate your post so it is published on the same day as the Big Gallery, May 16, and include the link I will send you to make navigation within SSVE sites easy.

* All submissions welcome between May 1 and 15, give or take a few days on either side. Official opening of the exhibition is Saturday, May 16, New Zealand time.

* If you have weaver friends who do not have access to the Internet or digital photography, you are more than welcome to submit on their behalf, as long as you supply all relevant information/files. Actually, I encourage you.

* Having written all the above, I am becoming slightly more Kiwi, so if you do something outside these guidelines but manage to impress me, good on you!

* One of the photos from the first person to submit will be made into the Exhibition poster.

* For reference, please check SSVE08. (Sadly, Crystal's blog has been removed.)

* This particular post may be updated/amended in future; I will highlight the changes if that happens. Please check back before submission.

* Feel free to leave any suggests/questions in the comments, or to email me directly.


  1. Yay! I'm so in. I'm already thinking about what I can do.

  2. Oh, goodie, thanks, Geodyne. I thought the lack of comments meant everybody was thinking, "Oh, not again!!!"

  3. I've had some ideas for this, not sure if I'll get them done in time though. If I can get through everything I had planned to do first then I'm definitely in.

  4. Well, that's good, Sonya.

    Since Geodyne is the only one who has commented, and I read elsewhere that someone else won't be taking part, I have been in a mild panic wondering if would be just the two of us, ergo the wee poll!

  5. Count me in. I've been busy working through my "odd balls" in my stash -- creating narrow scarves.

  6. Wonderful, Holly, thanks.

  7. For Sure!! at least it will get me back to the loom.

  8. Good for you, Deep End!

  9. I'm in! I look forward to it...

    Happy Weaving,

  10. Goody, Terry. Hubby taking the photographs, too?

  11. Oh boy! Just followed a link on twitter which took me to this blog which in turn brought me here -- isn't it amazing how wandering through the intertubes brings like minded people together?

    I definitely want to participate! The only question I have is what's the maximum number of scarves? ;) I started out weaving a Scarf A Day on February 1 and even though I've cut back some in March and April I've got over 30 done so far...

  12. I'd say, around three scarves, or to go with the max number of photo I posted per weaver last year - nine scarf photos. Something like that, Janet.

  13. What a fun idea! Found out about it too late to participate this year, but I will wander the museum "halls" and check out all the lovely scarves, for certain. Thanks for organizing this, and I look forward to SSVE'10 :-)


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