Peter Collignwood DVD

As I have Randall Darwall, Mom had Peter Collingwood. She was understandably saddened to learn about his sudden death last year. Recently, though the English Guild's publication, I discovered the Complex Weavers folk produced an interview DVD with the great PC. (They say it's US$21 to Australia; do you think it'll be US$20 if they can toss it out the plane just before they get to Oz?)

The problem is, Mom hasn't got a DVD player or a computer. So I could get one for me, and somehow transfer it onto a video format she can view, or I could just ask her to go visit my siblings...

Either way, I can't do it just now because I'm having to sell 500 shawls or 1000 cashmere scarves to pay for the wood burner replacement!!

Has anyone seen the DVD?


  1. www.weavecast.com Episode 31 "Complicated Weavers" has an interview with Peter Collingwood. If your Mum goes to Transcripts on the right hand side she can read ... ah, its in english.

  2. English is not a problem. It's the Internet that's a problem. I'll have to download that and send it to her, but thanks!

  3. Meg, I saw the DVD on Peter Collingwood on a big screen during the CW Seminars in Florida. It is an excellent film. I chatted with Peter several times and heard him speak at conferences. His dry humor comes across well and his humility and keen intellect and ever-present interest in textile construction. Stacey and Wendy did a marvelous job with this DVD. I recommend it. Your mother will be treated to a delightful conversation with Peter and a tour of his home and studio.
    Bonnie Inouye

  4. I understood from reading about it in the Journal that he is an interesting talker as well. The Journal said we get to see his tools, too. I think I'll just have to go ahead with this one.


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