Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An OK Day

Well, today turned out to be an OK day after all. I'm covered in fine concrete dust in spite of the sheets, as is the better part of the house, but I got the website's Gallery/Exhibition portion updated. I have so few photos of the more recent exhibitions, and some may need rewriting, but at least I got some contents now.

Tomorrow, the water cylinder is moved to the left, right behind the new wood burner, and the fridge will move to the far right. In between will be my new pantry.


My Kitchen Floor!!


  1. Construction is always sooo much fun, trust me you'll be digging that fine dust out of corners in the house you never knew existed. But it's always worth the mess!

  2. Right. Considering the nature of the work being done, they've been doing a good job keeping things tidy, Deep End, but I HATE DUST!!!

  3. Hello Meg, I was wondering if a water tower is a common item in kitchens in New Zealand? Is it the equivalent of a water heater in the us or does it simply store water?

  4. I think the proper name is "hot water cylinder", but I can never remember it and call it by various names. Which confuses the builder and plumber some. But it's for hot water. Something I never grew up with in Japan as we heat our water with gas - most homes haven't got the space for a cylinder for one thing.

    Since our house is an old house, we have a copper tank, more like half of a large oil can, under the roof, above the ceiling. Cold water comes into the house, and some goes into it, then is fed into the hot water cylinder as we use hot water. (I just learned this this week!)

    Some rural and semi-rural homes have huge outside tanks storing rain water. Not a bad idea.

    Now, Dana, if we ever buy and win the lotto, I'd love to build a house that's eco-this and environmentally-that. Among other things I'd love one of these tanks to at least feed the toilets and water the garden, but for this, we must first buy lotto. And neither of us being the lotto-winning kind... Meh...

  5. If we win the lotto, we are going to take out our water heater, which fills with cold water as you use it, heats to a certain temp and then is stored in the tank ntil you use it. We are going to replace it with the new eco friendly tankless water heater which somehow miraculously heat the water as you use it and does not require a tank for storage. They cost significantly more, but use very little power. So far as I can tell, the extra costs for the new unit do not pay for itself very quickly though.

  6. I was warning young Ryan that if we do buy/win the Lotto, he'll see us again, to which he said he'd prefer a flat section and he'd love to be part of a team building a new house, not a renovation on a very steep hill. Fair enough.

    Oh, only if we could. We'd have solar hot water, solar heating, tank to hold rain water (for garden and the loos, at least), thick walls, double glaze tinted windows (these are the only things we have on this list), and, depending on the size of the win, a purpose-built studio for moi, and an office for Ben. And the list can go on. But we're pretty pleased with our house. It's not a bad one; just too old to be convenient and too new to be charming.


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