Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meanwhile, on the Home Front...

Day Seven; we came home to find the start of a pantry. The tile/wood burner man, however, has flown to Auckland because his wee boy is unwell, and will be delayed one week.

I am no longer cleaning these rooms. We're going to get more dust tomorrow. I'll clean after that. Or not. There'll be the day after...


  1. Cleaning!! No, definitely not!!! You need to let the dust have time to settle!!! (See how good I am at creative excuses not to clean!)

    When we do renovations, I often put plastic over the doors into rooms where demolition, or sanding is happening. Because that dust gets everywhere. Ugh! It's possible that the plastic does nothing except help me try to forget what's behind it!

    Good luck with it all!! The end results will be worth it!


  2. Hi, Sue. We have sheets hanging, old beach towels strategically placed, and the builders had other stuff, not the modern plastic builder's curtains, but stuff hanging about all over like Halloween, but nothing has really worked, and sometimes they forget. So, as you say, pretty much everywhere is coated with white powder now. And we have no doors from the kitchen to hallway/stairs and none from the kitchen to the living room, so you could say we're asking for it.

    I'm in half a mind to start vacuuming when Ryan is here today - just for something to do. Not being sarcastic, but just making lots of noise when he's doing the same.


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