O M G!!!

We didn't stay on the computer all day, no, I read the Australian magazine Artlink a little bit. Very slowly, because I don't understand art talk, but I sense it's interesting.

Got ready to go to the theater again, and we had a few minutes, so I opened my Facebook trying to study it again. (DON'T GET YOUR HOPES UP; I MIGHT QUIT THIS TOO AFTER A WEEK.)

Anyhoo, I find this function "Poke" and didn't know what it was so I poked Ben. And we didn't discover anything, so Ben's been poking me several times. Still not sure what this does, but we sit less than two feet apart, facing our own computers, and are poking each other via the Facebook host machine, which is most likely in the US of A. How silly is THAT!

OK, off to real life/live theater now. Good night.

EDIT: We were a bit late; the show hadn't started, but we had to get to the end of a row, making everybody from the isle to our seats get up for us. Horrible! But a wonderful one-man comedy show.


  1. Hi Meg,
    I just "friended" you on Facebook!

  2. it is merely a virtual poke. Of course you are surely aware of that. And pokes are invisible to other friends, so poke away love birds!

    I have a cousin who pokes me every time she gets on. It has become a competition of sorts to see who is fastest to poke back.

  3. Susan, hi! Must go check that...

    Dana, we had a really hard time finding the poke, too. I expected it to come up like a big gloved finger or similar... It's just a line in tiny letters!!


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