Thanks for Taking Part in the Poll

The recent Unravelling poll shows we aim for these goals this year:
  1. More Zing - 5
  2. Back to Basics - 1
  3. Something Preposterous - 3
  4. Slow and Steady - 7
  5. Stash Reduction - 4
  6. Regular Exercise - 3
  7. and State Secret - 1 (The one vote would have been Ben's, I'm sure.)
Thank you for your participation. Perhaps we'll revisit this at the end of this year to see what we actually did in 2009?

I can't remember which ones I voted for; possibly all but the State Secret. I find it intriguing that my new attitude makes me reluctant to explore Peg's recent discussions on the artist's statement, (wouldn't that have been right down my alley previously?), or examine Lynne's CV on her new website, (I'm still vaguely hoping to have a prototype artist's CV), but have been toying around with the ThreadBanger vid idea Lynne suggested. I'm also wanting to expand my horizons, and have been glancing at Fiber Art Calls for Entry, unconsciously thinking (if that's possible) I want to look up something due October or later or next year.

Time to go downstairs, I think.


Anonymous said...

Honestly the only reason I have the website and especially the CV (I never had one before) is because of my application to grad school.

Believe me I would not have spent the time on these 'business items' unless I had to.

yet, in hindsite I am very glad I did both. very glad. The exercise helped me focus, understand and plan my projects.

It was darn painful. Im glad its over. And I am probably better for it. But I much rather be creating things.

Meg said...

Often it's outside forces requiring us that makes us complete these tasks, I say. I keep thinking I need to add content to my website and try to get a prototype CV, but am I an a hurry? Nah. No one's asking for them just now, so why bother. Been thinking about contents for the website since last September, and that website overhaul was 18 months in the making. But that I need to do a little because at present, mine is just a fancy box with nothing in it.