Preempting Exhibitions

Here's something I hadn't thought about.

I've been encouraging Marlborough Weavers to take pics of their work before they ship them to the annual festival, with a post or two in mind. I had thought vaguely that I can hold off on posting until we knew if those pieces made it into the final selection, more to protect the weavers' feeling than anything else.

Than the leaders of MW told me to hold off everything to do with the festival (including the non-juried pieces) so as not to preempt the festival. Fair enough. QED.

But then I thought, what about my showing an entire process of creating a piece I intend to submit to an exhibition? If a particular exhibition stipulates the piece must not have been "exhibited" elsewhere prior to submission/exhibition, would that include my thinking out loud here, posting pics and soliciting advice? Or how far can I post? Any thoughts?

I feel positively Italian; Gino in Blenheim told us years ago; "Meg, if you ever want to shut up an Italian, tie their hands behind their backs!"


Anonymous said...


never ever ever show something before a competition.

an exhibition with no judging I do show friends/family via email, but tell them not to post images.

how to's.....only after judging

Meg said...

Yeah, I was thinking about you, clearly. I know you're very good about that.

It means if I submit something, and it's not accepted, but then if I find another suitable exhibition, I may never be able to post pics until I give up or someone takes pity on me, yeah???

And you wouldn't even post, say, the warp chain, even, would you?

Boy, that'd take some discipline for moi.

Meg said...

And when do you allow yourself to post? After the exhibition starts, or closes?