Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Hereby Declare Myself to be a Luddite

Blog, fine. Website, kind of. But I've been struggling with Twitter, not so much the technology, but because I don't understand the language used by some of the young'uns. (Yeah, you two, I mean you!) And now my best friend from high school quit blogging, Flickr, and Twitter, and wants me to have a Facebook account!!! I've resisted this as long as I could, even though many of our photo blog friends have tried to coax us.

I created an account. But I'm going to use it just to follow the lives of my friends, that's all. (Don't I have a hard enough time keeping up with weaving blogs already??) I'm not putting anything there. And I said so.

I mean, what is Facebook for anyway? I'm not sure.

I'm starting to be in that emotional age group where I want to sit down and spend time learning and improving on the things I know, rather than to learn new things. And if there are things I need to learn on the way, like PowerPoint a year ago, I will, but otherwise, put me in your "too old" basket, Dears.

EDIT: Obviously I am swimming against the tide. But my question, outside emergencies, is, "what's the hurry, mate?"


  1. tweet tweet

  2. Hee hee, Lynne. It was fun while it lasted, but you know, in "Finding Nimo", Nimo's dad approaches Sydney and meets up with a group of baby turtles, and he's very cute, but Dad says, "You're so cute, but I don't know what you're saying!"

    It was like that to moi! Ha ha.

  3. you know what? I totally get what you're saying. I worked in the web area during the early days of the web thru to the very first few years of what I guess you'd call web 1.9. Database driven web apps, but they weren't as nice as what we have now. So I was all techy and geeky and stuff all along.

    Yet, I too have to actively resist the urge to remain a web 2.0 and a social networking luddite. Facebook has freaked me out for ages! Now that I have gotten the hang of twitter, I like it better. I am going to keep forcing myself to stay abreast of all this stuff because I do not want to be that old lady nearly in tears because she's confused by ATM, if you know what I mean? Also, I want to stave off dementia for as long as I can, and learning new things is supposed to be good, right? xxx

  4. If dementia isn't a strong enough kick on my butt, I don't now what is. Sometimes Mom was right to stay non-line, but we can't really go back.

    Wanting to keep updated on friends' lives vs time spent on learning new tech (rather than weaving) vs privacy concerns boggle this feeble mind-ette.


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