The Internet and My Weight Problem

I now know why I have a weight problem; it's from eating all these humble pies! Whowoddathunk humble pies were so fattening and low in GI,(like... 35 years?) Either that or I'm pregnant and this kid's approaching 40.

I keep pressing the good folk at Marlborough Weavers to be sure they get the permission of everybody in a photo they want to post. Just out of curiosity, I reviewed this blog this morning just to look at people pics, (of which I post nowhere near as many as I'd like to!). No need to click on all the links unless you're a Marlborough or Nelson weaver thinking of suiing me. Most my subjects for portrait-like shots have allowed me to be posted here, but group shots??? This one and this one are meeting shots, for heaven's sakes, and this one, these, this, this, and this, (though the last, I can forgive myself because other than Win, the faces are relatively unidentifiable...)

Might as well take myself to a pie factory. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about these now.


  1. It is tricky deciding on pictures of people in your blog.....and for that matter, pictures of art that's not your own have their own problems.

    I feel like I'm always asking permission, but I realize I have a few pictures of recognizable people that I didn't ask permission before posting.

    Hopefully they don't mind, and I'll try to be even more careful! I definitely want people to feel like they have the expectation of privacy around me....that not everything that happens when I'm around is blog fodder!

    Good luck sorting through it!!


  2. Maybe put it to the next meeting asking "does anyone object to Meg taking and posting their photo/photos, at any time, on the MW Blog". What do you think?

  3. Sue, honest truth, I had absolutely no idea I had been so careless. I guess I always thought about portrait-type pics (where for e.g. I interview people, or they are fully aware I'm going to shoot and post) but I was honestly shocked to find so many group pics where I hadn't consulted. At all.

    Judy, I'll have to do something like that. Or just ask if there is someone who really object to being posted, and kind of get a general understanding that if they don't object, it means a very general permission for the rest of the year, or some such. I need to think about this, and remedy my situation/predicament!


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