If You Don't Know Me by Now...

Today at 4.16PM, my figure drawing teacher Ronette text(ed) me to ask if I would like to come to the evening class, seeing as I missed two Friday morning sessions in January. At around 4.50PM she rang my cell and left a message asking the same. At 5.15PM she rang my land line asking the same. I was weaving a genuinely boring cashmere scarf and I instinctively said "No."

I instinctively said "No" because I had my big red apron on, meaning, normally I would have had my PJs on underneath, having gotten up and gone straight to work after breakfast, washing my face and brushing my teeth. Then I remembered I had a shower and put on more or less proper clothes just before Kath arrived this morning. So I rang her at 5,20 to ask what time class started; she said, "5:30."

Long story short, I had Ben come and pick me up and I was in class around 5:45. And all I had to do was fetch my drawing class box and put on my sandals; I didn't bother getting out of the big red apron, my hair was in a crumpled work pony tail. The Thursday evening students must have thought I am an odd one...

Lessons learned:
* Keep my cell phone switched on and keep it by me at all times, rather than carrying it in my purse only when I go out. I might miss out on good things if I don't make the cell phone an extension of myself. (OR NOT; I HAVE PHONES, THOUGH I DON'T MIND TALKING.)
* Perhaps a more "standard" hygiene schedule and dress code would benefit, rather than my super-duper convenient one. On weaving days, I shower after work, before I cook dinner. My PJs are old T-shirts and old cotton 3/4 pants or sweat pants.

Question of the day:
* What on earth is the past tense of the verb, "to text", anyway???

Long weekend coming up; Ben and I continue to empty the kitchen and move the firewood from the driveway so builders can start demolishing the old wood burner starting Tuesday. Yikes.


  1. how weird you wrote this, because I have begun to think I need to get back into a more strict routine. It seems like before I know it, Steve is almost home and here I am in my pj's still. I think I need to shower and dress sometime earlier than 4 pm.

  2. hahahahaa
    Me too.

  3. I've heard that personal routine actually enhances creativity. Please experiment and let me know if this is true!

    I vote for "texted" but that's just me.

  4. I don't know about routine enhancing creativity, but I know that I work better when I am exercised, dressed and so feeling good about myself.

  5. If I'm not leaving the house I can understand a PJ day. But generally I get up, get dressed, tame the mane, scrub face and teeth. Then I feel I can conquer the world or just my area of it. hehe.. I don't know about text(ed) but my coworker has a deep southern drawl and he says (textin) so I guess it depends.

  6. Mine is a routine I fine-tuned over the years, first and foremost in trying to not be seduced (?) into housework, but also in avoiding overthinking. And it works, unless I stay on the computer too long. I'm on the loom - or doing something relating to weaving - before I'm fully conscious and it allows me to concentrate on the task at hand.

    I love showers and baths, but I find my mind gets stimulated and, while great for lots of other things, all the electric activities in my head tend to work against happy/peaceful weaving.

    The PJs are just for comfort of movement, of course.

    Deep End, love the "taming of the mane"!!


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