Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was getting rather nervous about SSVE because only Geodyne left me a favorable comment, well, a comment, period, and then I read Noreen's "probably not" post, ergo the poll on the right. But it seems Geodyne and I won't be the only ones after all, and I hope the postponement works for Noreen. (And I love her "Narrow" Scarf Challenge. Maybe we'll change the name next year?)

All submissions welcome between May 1 and 15, give or take a couple of weeks at the front end and a day or so at the tail end; Exhibition will be officially open on Saturday, May 16, New Zealand time.

I hope it works for you.

EDIT: Thanks for taking part in the poll. This is just an indication, (and what a relief for me), so your vote, or not having voted, has no bearing on your participation. Just so you know.


  1. I'm glad the deadline is a little later now.....I wish I could vote "Maybe". I have 3 scarves coming up, so any one of them could possibly be ready in time.

    But weaving and deadlines and I don't get along.....so if I were voting I'd vote "Maybe". (But "Ho-hum...." doesn't quite fit my situation, and "Probably" sounds more optimistic about me having something finished in May than I really am.)

    Do I sound traumatized by deadlines???? Or just crazed? Picky? Indecisive?

    Anyway, it seems like a cool idea and I hope to take part!


  2. Sue!

    No worries, if the size fits, send us pics. I definitely had "Maybe" in the poll first, but I had trouble loading the poll and after about the seventh time, I thought it was a sign, that weavers were feeling ho-hum about SSVE!!

    Now that the vote has started, I can't edit it. So, I apologize the not-up-lifting wording. but go for "Probably"!!!

  3. I'll do what I can to get ready in time, I really want to.

    By the way, my scarf may not be so narrow. I don't know yet.

  4. KD, I was just wondering why I made it a "Small" scarf exhibition in the first place, and I remember now, I thought it'd be easier to throw a warp on the loom, rather than, say a shawl/throw/wrap. So if yours is not so narrow, not a problem.

  5. I don't know why I even had to think about this. I'd love to do it, and I'm going to ask some weaving pals to exhibit, too. Their scarfs are far finer than mine.

  6. Thank you, Susan. The more the merrier. I'm feeling much more relaxed about this since yesterday. Phew.

  7. Thanks much better, Meg. I will be back again. It is great to see other weavers work and ideas. Hope it remains an annual event.

  8. Great, Judy. I was just looking at least year's photos.


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